Scammer Payback is a YouTube channel that helps victims of fraud get back their money. The channel has over 1.1 million subscribers and has a growing number of scammers. The video series focuses on different scams, such as those perpetrated by call center agents. The videos have helped countless people avoid falling victim to scams, and the channel has also been used to help scam victims get their money back. Here are some of the best videos from the channel.

Scammer Payback aims to help people find genuine employment by offering to buy them a new computer. To make the process easier, the YouTube channel uses fake bank accounts and pleads for money from victims. In this video, Pierogi alters the web code to look like a legitimate business. This is an extremely effective way to stop a scammer in his tracks. Here’s how Pierogi’s YouTube video went viral. Scammer Payback’s videos are extremely popular. The series started with a video that was watched more than eleven million times. The main aim of the channel is to educate the public and expose scams. One of the videos aired in 2019 has over 14 million views, and the content has reached the hearts of many users. The creator of the channel, Colleen Ballinger, is a cybersecurity expert and a part-time Pierogi. In this video, he plays a public service known as scam baiting. In this video, he allows a scammer to use his virtual computer and deletes all personal files.