The climate in Fastir is varied and can be divided into four distinct climate zones. The inland part of the region is humid subtropical, while the coast has a humid continental climate. The mountain valleys to the south have a subtropical highland climate and are foggy. In the interior, the climate is alpine. Most residents speak a combination of native languages. This varies from region to region.

The southern mountains of Fastir have a harsh climate and are home to the indigenous Fastiri people. Scotch-Irish settlers from Virginia colonized the region in the early 1800s and interbred with the local Fastiri. The inhabitants of the mountain regions mostly live in temperate valleys. The cold, arid climate of Fastir is a source of health problems, with hookworm and dropsy among the most common maladies. In addition, many people avoid visiting the mountain areas out of fear of an evil spirit, Irludayyung-ka.

The northern mountains of Fastir have a temperate climate and are home to indigenous Fastiri. In the early 1800s, Scotch-Irish settlers from Virginia settled in the southern mountains. The Fastiri interbred extensively with the settlers, and today, the majority of the population of Fastir lives in temperate valleys. In the southern mountains, endemic diseases like hookworm and dropsy plague the residents. The mountain folk avoid going to the mountain regions because of the evil ice spirit, Irludayyung-ka.

The southern mountains of Fastir are cold and a stronghold of the indigenous Fastiri. In the early 1800s, Scotch-Irish settlers from Virginia also settled the southern mountains. During this time, the Fastiri interbred extensively with the settlers. The southern mountains are not inhabited by indigenous Fastiri, but rather by a majority of people living in temperate valleys. Because of the cold climate, the mountain dwellers usually avoid the chilly climate and are susceptible to illnesses such as dropsy and hookworm. In addition to these, many mountain folk are afraid to go to the mountains because of the presence of an evil ice spirit, known as Irludayyung-ka.

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